Make your life easier by using Seneca CarFax

Seneca CarFaxis a could base web portal system. The System allow any firm to manage the and maintain the maintenance and services done for a Vehicle. The system is built to be user friendly where the complexity of transaction is hidden from users. So no need for IT experience or any IT certificate to work on the system. The system allows vehicles owner to track all services done to their vehicle just be reading a QR Code sticker. The system has the following sub modules:

  • CarFax Dashboard
  • Vehicle Type
  • Vehicle Model
  • Customers Management
  • Maintenance and Services Categories
  • Client profile
  • Maintenance and Services Entry Visit
  • QR Code Print
  • Search Engine
The System serve different type of firms such as:
  • Car Agent
  • Maintenance Center
  • Oil Stations
  • All type of vehicle Maintenance Garage

Why Seneca CarFax ?

Seneca CarFax- Multi-User

It is a multi-user system that relies on a central database that keeps information available to all users without the need to duplicate data and without restrictions on the number of people accessing the system.

Seneca CarFax- Integrated System

It is a fully integrated application. All Seneca CarFax subsystems are integrated together with a robust methodology. Although Seneca CarFax is a single system, each subsystem can be used as a separate unit

Seneca CarFax– User Friendly

It was developed to make data entry and retrieval simple with just a few mouse clicks needed to enter information.

Seneca CarFax– System Improvement

The development team is constantly improving the product and strives to be a leader in the development of new CarFax technologies.

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